How to choose a divorce mediator?

How to choose a divorce mediator?

If you are in Orange County and do Google search divorce Mediator Orange County, there are about 405,000 results. What is the best way to look how to choose a divorce mediator Orange County in general and mediator who has techniques, style and approach suitable for you and your spouse?

(1) Generally, when someone looks for professional services, they consider:

  • Price
  • Experience
  • Availability
  • Location
  • Review/Testimonials
  • Credentials and training
  • Professionalism
  • Trustworthy

(2) There are certain specific for mediator characteristics you mind keep in mind evaluating how to choose a divorce mediator Orange County:

(3) Finally, searching divorce mediator Orange County, you need to know that each divorce mediator using specific technique, strategy, style of divorce mediation. One divorce mediator Orange County can use Evaluative Approach, another Facilitative Approach.Some divorce mediators are using Transformative approach focused on Conflict interaction.Facilitative Divorce Mediator will guide the spouses in reaching a mutually agreeable solution.

The mediator is asking questions, moving from the position to interests and needs, exploring and analyzing options for mutual benefit.The facilitative mediators usually don’t make recommendations to the spouses.Evaluative divorce mediator analyzes weaknesses and strength of the case.

The mediator predicts what would be the judge’s decision. The evaluative divorce mediator suggests solutions and apply pressure on the parties.Transformative divorce mediator focuses on moving parties from negative conflict interaction to positive conflict interaction (transforming the conflict).

In positive conflict interaction, parties are capable of resolving the dispute themselves.It will be a good idea to interview a Divorce Mediator Orange County, perhaps three or four of them to be sure you are comfortable with their approach of mediation and their personality before making a final choice.

You might also consider asking a mediator whether she or he provides a legal material to help you in understanding basic legal background for your legal issue(s). Mediator cannot give you a legal advice, even if the mediator is licensed attorney.However, any certified divorce mediator, whether it is an attorney, paralegal or any other related field, trained enough to provide you  a legal material in order for you to make an informed decision.