Low Cost Divorce Efficient, Fast, and Easy LOW Cost uncontested divorce flat fee $1499 We handle everything for you Court filing fee is not included COMPREHENSIVE AND AFFORDABLE APROPRIATE ESTATE PLANNING PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES WITH

By leveraging our Orange County Divorce Attorney and our experienced paralegals, we provide efficient services in the most cost-effective manner.

Assisting with Uncontested Divorce in PRO PER

Our Orange County Divorce Attorney encourages couples to do an amicable divorce (uncontested divorce) without litigation. We believe in an intelligent and rational approach to divorce without a financial and emotionally draining court fight. An experienced Orange County paralegal will prepare all forms for you, file with the court, and get your judgment; you do not need to go to the court or see a judge. If you are not sure whether your divorce could be settled, we can help as well. Successful mediation is the key to an uncontested divorce.

Amicable divorce – low-cost flat fee


Family law attorney near me


Divorce attorney near me

Uncontested Divorce with Limited Scope Attorney Representation

If you and your spouse agree to do an amicable or uncontested divorce, but are not sure how to allocate the division of property, spousal or child support, our orange county divorce attorney can provide consultation for only the issues that need to be resolved on an hourly bases. In order to reduce your cost for divorce, Orange County paralegal will prepare all documents “from A2Z” and complete the process in PRO PER for you.


If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement on your own, we understand. It is easy to say “set aside your emotions and be rational”, but it is difficult to do. Let us help, give us a chance to Mediate. We have successfully turned contested divorces into uncontested, amicable divorce for both parties’ best interest. We are not promising your divorce would be perfect, there is always loss in divorce. However, our Orange County divorce attorney and Certified Mediator will help you work out what is important for you and what you can let-go of with our best proven mediation methods.

Orange County Divorce Attorney – Mediator is your solution for resolving contested issues. Turn your contested divorce into amicable divorce.

Contested divorce with full representation

If you unable to come into agreement and not willing to mediate you have an option let the judge decide your issues. Our Orange County divorce attorney will go to the court and fight for you with all our energy and passion. The attorney will bill you only for your representation in the court, hearing, appearances, legal advises, whatever work could be done only by an attorney. Our experienced Orange County paralegal will do everything else related to your case to minimize your cost.

Our mission is to help you reach the best outcome possible in your divorce or other legal matter by providing efficient, good quality and cost-effective legal services. We do this by applying the best choice of resources for your needs, whether you are best served by a lawyer, paralegal or mediator.

Our Orange County divorce attorney – Mediator is  advocate of an amicable divorce whenever it is possible and can help you achieve that.

If you are having difficulty in resolving disputed divorce issues, we can provide mediation to explore various options to reach the best outcome.

If you can reach an agreement you can save a lot of money and drama and avoid going to court.

If you are unable to reach an agreement our Orange County divorce attorney can represent your interests in court.

We also do Estate Planning; we explore the best options for you, provide comprehensive guidance and documents.

orange county divorce attorney


Our Orange County divorce attorney encourages the couple to proceed with amicable divorce (uncontested divorce). If you don't agree on all or any issues of the divorce, we will help you to get the best outcome in your divorce by non-court ordered informal process. Divorce is never a perfect thing, but our guidance will lead you to what is important for YOU (not to the judge) in reaching mutually beneficial agreement. Our licensed Orange County divorce attorney is fully trained and certified in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Programs Act.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreement
Premarital agreements or "prenups" are contracts entered before marriage. It preserves your property and financial rights in the event of a divorce. Postnuptial agreements “postnups” are contracts created between couples after the couples are legally married. Communication and money are main reasons couples are getting divorce. Prenup or postnup could make marriage stronger by communicating upfront about your finances. Fast and affordable Service. A Russian speaking Orange County divorce attorney is available if you need prenup or postnup in an international marriage.
Wills and Trusts
A living trust is a document created during someone's lifetime that states how the property will be managed and distributed before and after the person's death. If you have a complicated estate matter our Orange County attorney is committed to creating a customized estate plan for you. Our attorney will explain your option in a clear and comprehensive way. If you have a simple situation, our Orange County paralegal will do a majority the work to make it more cost effective. We will complete your living trust , putting property into a trust at a reasonable cost.

Real Property Deeds
Whenever you transfer real estate because of marriage, divorce, death or for estate planning purposes, you need a new deed. Our Orange County attorney will determine and explain the type of deed you need, how to create it, and then file it with the county recorders office.
We do Grant deeds, Quitclaim Deeds, Transfer on Death Deed, Affidavit Death of Joint Tenants, Trust Transfer Deed… 90% of time it can be handled by our paralegal. You can always have your choice of using attorney or paralegal. Our experienced paralegals can provide these services at paralegal cost.
Child Support
In high-conflict child custody and child support disputes, we can do full representation or provide sophisticated guidance from our orange county divorce attorney. We can also work with you in a cost-effective way by combining an attorney’s limited scope representation (appearing for you in court for you) and paralegal paperwork preparation. If you would like to proceed with low-cost assistance representing yourself ( in PRO PER), our experienced child custody and support attorney can assist you at a lower cost. Our child custody attorney will explain to you some important points in child custody cases.

Spousal support
Changing from married to single might be stressful with regard to your financial future. Our orange county divorce attorney will advocate for your rights at every step of the way tailoring them to your personal objectives. However, if you have an easy case, our experienced Orange County paralegal can assist you in self-representation by preparing all of the necessary documents for your spousal support or modification and filing with the court for you. Your divorce attorney will explain to you the efficient way of dealing with spousal support and potential issue related to the establishment or modification your support

Our Testimonials

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Yulia M.

Excellent Legal Services. Angela is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this place.

Yuki Y.

I friend recommended Angela’s services and I went to get legal advice. Can only say great things about my experience: Angela is very professional, knowledgeable, experienced and a pleasure to talk to. Definitely my go to person from now on in legal matters. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Johnson S.


Angela is great attorney and has a nice personality, she dedicates so much effort to provide excellent work for affordable price. She did my divorce and estate planning. She did a good work to set up my trust. Highly recommend LegalDocsA2Z Law office of Angela Schmidt


Felix L.
Great legal service. Fast, reliable and affordable.
Jania A.


Great service and extremely professional!!!  They are very competent, polite and patient and helped me through whole process. The best thing about my experience is it felt like they care. I could call at any time and I was always able to reach on the phone. My documents were signed and done on time. Their rate could not be beat! I highly recommend them and will always turn to them first for any future legal needs.
Thank you for making this process easy and with calm and professional manner!!!!


Scott G.

I called many places after speaking with Angela, and no one (I mean no one) provided the quality of care and understanding that Angela gave me. Everyone else treated me like a number and were quick to rush me off the phone.

Let’s face it, a divorce is one of the hardest emotional events a person can go through. The last thing you want to have is an attorney or paralegal that simply doesn’t care about anything but your money. Angela has a huge heart for all of her clients. My divorce went smooth and she did EVERYTHING for me. You could pay a little more or less, but I promise you that you won’t find a better person empathetic to your needs than Angela. I really feel blessed to have had her handle my divorce..

Omar R.

After doing my research around the area, I used the services of Paralegal A to Z. I was impressed with the efficiency, knowledge, understanding, patience, professionalism and hard work from Angela. In a short time and with all the confidence that everything will be fine, I got my divorce papers. And by the way, her rate is the best in all OC. No need to pay for extras. She does it all!

Lo A.
Angela is amazing ! My divorce was done fast professional & I am a satisfied customer! I will definitely recommend her to anyone.
Tom A.
Absolutely amazing. Angela is professional, efficient, and personable. Recommend highly.
Sharon S.

I am so fortunate to have found this company!!
Angela was so helpful and sincere in helping me with my divorce . Prompt and easy .
I definitely recommend this company to anyone that is stressed out about getting a divorce like I was .
Thank you so much !!!

Irina V.
Angela completed divorce fast and efficient,very professional and helpful legal services, thank you , Angela
elena a.
Angela is a very good trust and will attorney. Very honest and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Her. She will make sure that everything is done right and will double check and follow up.
Darren M.
Professional, competent and thorough. I’ve engaged Mrs. Angela Schmidt for three separate legal matters and had her consult on two additional cases. I recommend her and I will continue to bring all my legal work to her in the future.
Charlie Z

Angela is the best attorney that I have ever worked with. When I went to her office she was on time. When I would call her, she answers my calls, and if she couldn’t answer she texted me back right away letting me know she will return my call shortly. Angela handled my divorce, got me a judgment and officially single in a little over a week after filing the paperwork, truly impressed. She was very neat, organized, let me know what papers to sign and educated me on how the whole process would go step by step from start to finish. Very sweet, kind, professional and actually cares about her clients. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Angela is amazing.

LegalDocsA2z strives to make the legal part of your divorce fast, easy, and affordable.  Divorce is not easy emotionally, but let us ease for you legal part. Let us make your amicable divorce financially easy. Our Orange County divorce attorney will help you to come with the best strategy to proceed with the divorce. If you have amicable divorce, our Orange County Paralegal will prepare all court documents for your divorce.
Amicable divorce without property and without children handled by our Orange County paralegal is  $899 flat-fee package includes everything from filing the divorce to receiving your finalized documents from the court.

If you decide to proceed with divorce without an attorney or paralegal, the most valuable information you can find in Superior Court of California County of Orange

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divorce attorney Orange County California

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What is amicable divorce?

Amicable divorce is a divorce without disagreement about any issues related to the divorce. Everything is decided by spouses without a judge or court involvement. Sometimes a mediator can help a couple to figure out how to divide properties and/or how to decide child custody/child support or spousal support issues.

Paralegal orange county

Paralegal is a person who works under the supervision of attorney or someone who helps people in solving legal issues independently ( an independent paralegal sometimes called LDA). Some paralegals are specialize on a specific field. For example, family law paralegals mostly help with uncontested divorces, contested, child custody. Some paralegals handle a broader variety of legal issues – civil cases, probates, bankruptcies, estate planning ext.