E-2 visa in COVID 19 crises


The E2 visa allows foreign investors to come and stay in the USA running their own companies and to bring essential employees from their country into the USA.

E-2 visa opportunities in COVID 19 crises.

There are certain reasons why we are discussing E-2 visa now, during the COVID-19 crisis.

The main reason is that I see tremendous opportunity for foreign investors as well as for local businesses to take advantage of the situation with coronavirus for the next 3-4 months.

My goal is to help you to see those opportunities.

Let me make a brief introduction explaining what the Visa E-2 is and what advantages it offers in the current situation.
The E2 visa enables investors to come to the United States to start a business.

There are six eligibility requirements that the investor must meet in order to qualify for an E-2 visa

The most important requirement for the E2-visa is that the beneficiary of the visa must be a citizen of a treaty country, you can find the list of treaty countries

The investor must contribute substantial assets or funds in order to be eligible. Although there is no number specified, it should be at least $100K.

The investment must be in an actively operating enterprise (a passive investment such as real estate investment would not qualify)

The business should generate enough income to provide the living of your family, and it must have a significant economic impact in the USA. Employing others is helpful in getting approved.

You must be in control of the funds. Loans cannot be secured by assets of the enterprise; however, they can be secured by personal assets of the investor. The investor must place actual funds at risk.

An investor that is also an essential employee with highly specialized skill or ability may qualify to the USA and develop their business.

What kind of businesses can qualify? – basically anything – retail shop, restaurant, consulting, legal services, accounting services, shoemaking, fitness center, consulting, everything, except passive investment like real estate.

Another important point is that a treaty investor visa is a non-immigrant visa. Initially, it is given for 2-5 years, depending on the country of your origin. Usually, the E-2 visa may be renewed it upon expiration as long as the business is in good financial situation.

The E-2 visa holder can bring their family (spouse and minor children) into the USA. The spouse will qualify to work in the USA.

There are many interesting things we can talk about involved with this visa; for now, let’s focus on the reason to take action now.

As I have mentioned above, the potential investor can buy a business in the USA. As we all know, the “stay at home” COVID 19 order financially distressed many businesses and some of them may not be able to recover at all or would not be able to recover without significant money investment from
outside sources.

The first great opportunity for an E-2 visa  seeker is the possibility to buy a great business with a significant discount.

The second advantage is the possibility for an investor to make a great deal with the property rent.

Usually, when a foreign investor arrives in the USA attempting to negotiate a property lease there are many obstacles because he or she does not have a USA credit history and SS #. Landlords require large deposits as well as other additional requirements to be safe in case the business is not successful. Nowadays landlords are much more willing to compromise those requirements.

The hurdles for entry are lower than usual because the immigration officer would be much more willing to approve the visa because of the financial distress caused by COVID 19. Usually, the burden of proof that the business satisfies the requirement of making a significant impact on the USA economy is on the applicant. Recently millions people have lost their jobs. The government is looking at any sources to boost the economy, so foreign investors are more than welcome to bring money into the USA, create new jobs, and thrive in their businesses.