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We look forward to assist you in divorce , other family related matters, estate planning. If you have an uncontested divorce our experienced paralegal will complete your divorce documents preparation in Orange County CA for low cost
The law related to divorce is complicated. If you need some information about the process of divorce and divorce documents preparation in Orange County CA, please feel free to email or call.
Our Russian Speaking attorney can assist you with prenuptial agreement to protect your rights in case of divorce.

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Contact LegalDocsA2Z, English and Russian speaking attorney, about divorce, child support, child custody, spousal support, prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreement, Estate Planning and PRO PER divorce documents preparation in Orange County CA

Russian Speaking attorney can help you to conduct your case in the Russian language. Angela is from Ukraine and helped many Russian Speaking clients in California to complete their divorces, to prepare their prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, mediate their legal matters, setting up trusts, ext.  We look forward to assisting you in divorce, other family-related matters, estate planning, PROPER divorce documents preparation in Orange County CA. We are specializing in uncontested divorces and have a reputation for providing fast, efficient, cost-effective divorce in Orange County, LA, San Bernardino and Riverside County. Our experienced paralegal can handle all necessary paperwork for you and the attorney would give you a legal consultation if you need any. The whole process of uncontested divorce is $899 without children and $999 with children including in-office legal consultation, filing with the court and finalizing your judgment. Please be sure to understand that you have to pay Orange County filing fees which are not included in our flat fees above. However, if  you qualify for fee waiver, we will prepare and file for you fees waiver  documents without additional cost.

If you have contested divorce issues, our Russian Speaking attorney can help as well. Our certified Mediator has excellent results with having couples come to a mutually beneficial agreement. If for some reason, mediation is not working for you and your spouse, we can proceed with litigation to be sure you get the best possible outcome.

Our Russian Speaking attorney has handled divorces involving international issues

– multi- countries jurisdictional issue, division of foreign country property, child custody and child support enforcement.

If you need Russian Speaking attorney for independent prenuptial agreement representation or drafting, we can help as well.

If you need to draft a trust or will and have concerns about foreign beneficiaries,  foreign guardian or other international estate planning issue, Russian speaking attorney can help you as well.

The law related to divorce  is complicated. If you need some information about the process of divorce, estate planning tools and PRO PER divorce documents preparation in Orange County CA, please feel  free to email or call.


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