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Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most emotional issue of a divorce. The task of a child custody attorney is to encourage their clients to put their children’s best interest and well-being first because divorce could have lifelong influence on the children.

Very frequently the child custody dispute is very highly conflicted because the parent’s point of view regarding their children best interest is different.

Try to resolve conflicts, we can help. It would be beneficial for you and your children to come to the agreement through mediation. Our custody attorney is also a certified mediator  and can lead you to recognize your child’s best interest without compromising your parent’s rights.  However, if you cannot reach an agreement, the case will come up before the judge.

There are a number of factors the judge will consider in making decision.

Child Custody Law in California

A child custody attorney will protect your rights regarding legal and physical custody.

Legal custody is the authority of the parent to make important decisions about the children’s education, medical care, child care, religion and so on.

Physical custody means who children live with, how many days, nights, weekends and holidays the child spends with each parent. Physical custody directly affects child support 

If parents have joint legal custody, it does not mean they will have joint physical custody. However, if parents are awarded joint physical custody, most likely they will have joint legal custody.

Child Custody Laws arrange the combination physical and legal custody in the following ways:


“Sole physical custody” is an arrangement in which children live most of the time with one parent. This parent is custodial parent. Another parent is non-custodial. Non-custodial parent might be awarded sleepover nights and some weekends.

“Joint Physical Custody” is an arrangement in which children live part of the time with one parent and remaining time with another. The parent might share a certain part of the week or certain parts of the month or parts of the year. In joint physical custody parents spend approximately equal amounts of time with their children. Sometime it called “ shared custody”

Similar to the legal custody. There is “sole legal custody” which means that only one parent can make primarily life affecting decisions. In joint legal custody both parents have an equal authority to make important decisions in children’s lives.

The last type of custody is “Bird’s Nest Custody” which means that the children location remains the same, but parents live with children taking turns.