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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a divorce cost?

People who are planning to get divorce have many questions about it. They are wondering How Much does a Divorce Cost,  how long does a divorce last, what should I expect in the court.

How Much does a Divorce Cost depends which way you decide to go with the process. Most of the law firms in family law practice charge by the hour. An attorney’s price per hour can range from$150 – $450 or more. The number of hours necessary for a divorce can be between twenty and hundreds hours. Judge James W. Stewart in his book “Divorce Handbook for California” is explaining why extended litigation with its multiple depositions, motions, experts, and telephone calls will exact unbelievably high financial tolls, regardless of your wealth. Discovery alone, in a fairly routine case, can cost more than $50,000. Fees for time in court for various motions and preparation for these appearances will cost approximately $5,000 to $21,000 per motion.

How Much does a Divorce Cost depends also depends whether it contested or uncontested divorce. Uncontested  would significantly reduce your costs. Some attorneys could complete an uncontested divorce for between $6,000 and $10,000.

Paralegals ( LDAs ) price for an uncontested divorce runs between $400-$800.

Court filing fees varies from county to county. In Orange County the filing fees is $435.

Learn more by reading our blog  about general overview of the options you have if you decide to file for divorce and cannot afford to hire an attorney.

Do I need to come to your office for the fast divorce documents preparation?

Yes, for fast divorce documents preparation, it would be beneficial for you to visit our office before your first set of documents will be filed with the court. An In-office visit is included with our flat fee. However, in exceptional situations, we could work by email, phone, or mail. 

Do I need to bring my spouse for the office visit?


Not necessarily, mostly we will need to work with you, but your spouse is welcome to come in to feel comfortable with the proceeding of the case.