Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation divorce mediation Divorce Mediation 146596220 0 final 300x300Divorce Mediation is a process which can be used to make a Contested Divorce into an Uncontested Divorce without the involvement of a court. Most of the time, a  Divorce Mediation is commonly done by a private party, like someone you both know and trust, or by a Professional Divorce Mediator. A Divorce Mediation may be worth a try if both spouses want some kind of resolution and are willing to express what they want. While it is not guaranteed that it will work, you may have a good chance of improvement.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

One of the main benefits is it allows you to convert a Contested Divorce into an Uncontested Divorce. The reason you would want to do this is that an Uncontested Divorce is much easier and cheaper to do than a Contested Divorce.   You can also use a paralegal for an Uncontested Divorce.

Another benefit is that there is often no involvement with the court. Divorce Mediators use an informal process which is not ordered by the court to complete the Divorce Mediation. This may be good because the court may often give both of you a solution that you may not like, and they may not take into consideration or be aware of many of the circumstances or requirements happening in your life. Divorce without court involvement will be more convenient for you and stress free for your children.  Our paralegal under the supervision of the attorney will prepare all necessary court documents and file them for you with the court.

Another Benefit is that the Mediator will give you all the information and create a strategy for your particular case. This can be helpful so you would have all the information you need before you make your divorce uncontested so you do not need to hire an attorney. When the process is done, the Mediator will fill out a Form which lists all the agreements made by the parties.

Another benefit is that it helps save time and money for your divorce. Divorce Mediation can often make the divorce process go much faster as they do not need to rely on an attorney or the court to make decisions on how the decisions can be made, you and your spouse with the help of a Mediator just make the decisions.  It saves money as a Divorce Mediator is often cheaper than an attorney or other legal advice and can also make sure the court does not mess up your assets.

Experience shows that spouses benefit greatly from the cooperative climate of divorce mediation.   This means that it will be easier for the spouses to do the following steps in the divorce since they have a more clear idea of what they want and are more willing to agree with each other for many other things.

One of the final benefits is that a Divorce Mediation is 100% Confidential Most of the time if done correctly. This may be good if you do not want your information to be known by anyone else, if you have illegal activities that you do not want know, or if you like to hide you  income. Your information will not be known from a Divorce Mediation if you have a reputable Mediator.

What are the goals of a Divorce Mediation?

We want to make you have the best possible divorce. The characteristics of a good divorce are:
1. Neither spouse is financially devastated after the divorce.
2. Both parties comfortable with property division including spousal support, child support, child custody and other stuff.
3. The Spouses have developed proper communication skills to avoid conflict in the future.
4. The Spouses have ability to compromise.
5. No one feels that the other party had an unfair advantage which has been used against them.

We hope to make your divorce less complicated so it can be a better divorce. A divorce, especially a Contested Divorce can be devastating on a person, this is why we recommend you do divorce mediation. Our Divorce Mediator is a licensed attorney, but your forms will be checked by an independent attorney before they are sent to court.

When will Divorce Mediation Probably not Work?

A Divorce Mediation will probably not work in cases where you are in an abusive relationship, and/or when your spouse does not want to negotiate, or do not understand the legal complexities.  If there are threats of violence, it may not be safe to do a Divorce Mediation. In some cases you may be able to eventually get people who do not want to negotiate or who were in an abusive relationship with to Mediate, but it is often hard. In many cases we recommend a Divorce Lawyer Orange County to help you with your case.

Mandatory Divorce Mediation

Mandatory divorce mediation is different than private divorce mediation. The cases with  child custody involve court ordered mediation which must take place before child custody hearing. In a mediation involving child custody or other parenting issues, the interests of the child will obviously be a major focus of the  mediation. In a private mediation, the parties’ interests (including their economic needs) may also play a role. For example, the parties’ financial resources may dictate the frequency and nature of visitation with a noncustodial parent following a “move-away.” By contrast, economic factors may not be considered in a mandatory custody mediation. Family Code 3178.

Need A Divorce Mediator?

We are here to help! If you need help with your Divorce Mediation, want to know more information, or are looking for a Divorce Mediator, you can call +1 (714) 390-3766 or email [email protected] Angela is a court certified mediator and will be happy to help you with your Divorce Mediation and finalize your divorce.