Estate Planning

orange county estate planning attorney orange county estate planning attorney Estate Planning Screenshot 2024 04 12 at 21 04 28 ChatGPT 300x300Do you really need an attorney to handle your estate planning?
It depends.

You won’t likely hear this from other attorneys, but if money is tight right now we encourage our clients to educate themselves on the basic principals of estate planning and discover if they can do it themselves before stepping into an attorney’s office.
If an informed client then makes the decision to proceed with an attorney, we will provide comprehensive and cost-effective solution to their estate planning needs.

If you have children, you need to have a will to be sure your children are cared for as you wish. A will is especially important if you are from a foreign country and do not have your close relatives around. If
your children have no surviving family members and you have not nominated a guardian for them, they could potentially be sent to foster care.

If you wish to protect your children and/or your family from costly probate, you need to prepare some estate planning documents.

For this, you need to know about various documents required for good estate planning, and how each document plays its role in achieving your estate goals.

The important point you need to understand here is that these estate planning documents can have long-term effects on your family, and therefore, you should be very careful while handling them.

If you prefer to have guidance from an attorney, there are many Orange County estate planning attorney that you can choose from based on his/her availability, affordability and experience.

If you are preparing an estate planning document, it is not always necessary to use language that is particular for professionals (also known as legalese). Using legalese or traditional terms might be a wise
step if you seek help from an Orange County estate planning attorney.

Before you can attempt to prepare your documents without the help of a professional estate planning attorney, educate yourself about What Actually Estate Planning Is?
· How can you avoid probate?
· If, somehow, you are unable to manage your assets, how will they be managed for your benefit?
· When do you want to transfer some assets to others? Whether during your lifetime, when you die or after your death?
· To whom will your assets pass?
· Establish some arrangements that will help you meet your goals, in case something ever happens to you or to someone you care about.
There are many purposes of estate planning.
· Proper planning can help you reduce potential taxes and fees;
making some arrangements about your health care and financial
management, if you ever become incapacitated;

identify how you want to distribute your property. With the help of proper estate planning, you can provide for your minor or disabled children.
In fact, estate planning becomes necessary regardless of how much how valuable your assets are if:

. You have minor children who need to be taken care of after your death in order not come in foster care
· You have a disabled or minor child.
· You care about your health care treatment and management.

What to Consider While Estate Planning of your assets:

· What are my assets? What is the total approximate value of these
· Who are the people or charities I want to receive these assets? And
when do I want them to receive them?
· Who do I want to manage my assets if I am unable to manage myself
during my lifetime or after my death?
Only you can answer these questions, an estate planning
attorney Orange County can help you figure out the possible
consequences of your choices.
What Documents Do You Need?
You can achieve your basic estate planning goal with the help of a plan
that consists of:
· You will
· Power of Attorney for finances
· An advanced health care directive
If you own real property or the value of your property is more than $150,000, you may also want a Revocable Living Trust for your estate plan.
Choose Estate and Financial Planning Services Wisely: You will find many people who call themselves ‘Trust Specialist’, ‘Certified Planners’, and many other titles that suggest they have attained some advanced training in estate planning. Unfortunately, we are observing too much self-promotion of unqualified individuals. The purpose of most of these people is to get access to your finances and sell them – just for a mere commission. Do not give your confidential details to anyone and never
share detailed information about your finances and assets.
In a nutshell, keeping the importance of estate planning in mind, be very careful while choosing an estate planning attorney in Orange County.

Doing the Most Good

Of all the services that we provide at LegalDocsA2Z the one that improves people’s lives the most; Trust and Wills gets postponed by
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It is always a pleasure to see my clients’ worries fade away when they know that their affairs are in order. Days later they often tell about
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