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Child custody Evaluator – role in the family court system.

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 Working with A Child Custody Evaluator

child custody evaluator child custody evaluator Child Custody Evaluator ddceddb3f320484c9935b3b7574b363b 1032749952 300x300When you run into a road block in the process of working out the parenting plan, California judges appoint an expert, known as a child custody evaluator, under California Evidence Code Sec. 730. This expert is typically a licensed child psychologist with a specialty in evaluating families in distress. These evaluations last about two months and are costly but effective. But the unprepared parent is at a significant disadvantage to the prepared parent. A Custody Evaluation Parent Coach can make a world of difference in the outcome of an evaluation by insuring that all relevant information reaches the evaluator in a well-organized way. When all else fails, all is not lost. You may have to bite the bullet and seek expert assistance in moving forward: the parenting coach. That does not mean that you have failed. It means you have honest but firm disagreements about how your family should work as a team and the desire to get new insights into how to resolve these disputes.

There are many reasons that parents come to disagree with one another. Some parents have an irrational and uncontrollable dislike for the other. Other reasons: Reasonable minds may disagree honestly. One party may be stuck in an emotional ditch, flailing away. One or both parents may need reassurance, time, and therapy, to get to a point where they can build empathy, credibility and a plan for the future. Do not lose heart—the hackneyed expression: “It takes a village” is at least partially valid (expressions don’t get hackneyed unless they have some truth to them). We, as parent coach, are there to move you, and if possible, the other parent by your example, in the right direction.

Child Custody Evaluator – Skilled and Experienced

A competent, experienced child psychologist, the custody evaluator, who is provided as much credible information and competent witnesses as are available, can analyze a family situation in great depth and over time. Such an analysis, or evaluation, can provide an excellent starting point for rebuilding trust and understanding (i.e. empathy), in addition to helping a family court judge to make the difficult custody decisions. A typical evaluation report, which can be 20 to 30 pages in length, which is discussed at length between the parents and the evaluator. The report is an intensely detailed family psychological portrait, an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the parents and their children, and a detailed set of recommendations for the immediate future.

Child Custody Evaluator  – Coping with the Future

A child custody evaluator’ s recommendations, as well as a parenting plan, may include relatively long term elements. But every decision made in any family has a half-life as long as circumstances remain stable. When circumstances change, this will give rise to new challenges to come up with a way of coping with them. If a child shows an aptitude and a burning desire to play the violin, the plan for her to train for World Cup soccer may have to be scrubbed. If a parent is offered a position as CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation, or any other opportunity they do not wish to forgo, their ability to follow the existing parenting plan may be compromised as well. Few problems in life do not have solutions when people of good will work productively together on them. The parenting coach is always there to assist you through these rocky periods of life.

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