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We have already discussed briefly some aspects of HOW TO WIN CUSTODY BATTLE in the article how to win child custody, but based on the mistakes some of my clients, who were trying to represent themselves in child custody, I have decided to help everyone who is reading this post with more useful information.

First, do not turn HOW TO WIN CUSTODY BATTLE into the emotional battle against another parent that harms the interest of your children. Do not be self-fish. You are divorcing because your life is not going well with your spouse and you are ready to start a new, better chapter in your life. So, you need to sacrifice time with children and other losses going through a divorce. Think about how to make the divorce less damaging for your children.

Secondly, while we are discussing  HOW TO WIN CUSTODY BATTLE, you should be aware that in Orange County and in the USA generally, judges do not favor the mother over the father. In the past, it was more common that men were providers for the family, concentrated more on bringing more money into the family, and women were raising the children and taking care of cooking, cleaning, and providing a comfortable environment for the men to perform better at work or business. Nowadays, women are generally not less sophisticated in career paths than men and providing for the families.  Obviously, if a mother is breastfeeding a baby it would be more reasonable to award primary custody to the mother with few to no overnights to the father until no needs for that. Another, not such an obvious example when the father is thinking HOW TO WIN CUSTODY BATTLE to understand that if father was/is performing on the very high skilled job working 9am to 6pm from the office and mother is working on-line flexible schedule low responsibility work capable to take care of little children during the day. Another case scenario – mother is unemployed because of lack of any skill or English language. Mothers don’t have more rights than fathers. There is no gender preferences in child custody battles.

The third angle to look at while you are considering  HOW TO WIN CUSTODY BATTLE is your ability to create a safe and comfortable environment around your children. Be sure that you don’t have anyone who can be potentially dangerous around your children. For example, someone who was convicted of felony, sexual-related crimes, drug dealers or users. Even if your brother was convicted of such crimes 15 years ago, it is better to avoid him to be around the children while you have your custodial time.

The fourth piece of advice HOW TO WIN CUSTODY BATTLE is to engage in your children’s life as much as possible. Engage in your children’s life, spending quality time with your children when they are in your custody. If you pick up your child from another parent and coming home spending your time in front or TV or on your computer while your child is playing iPod games most of the time, they would be a sig for the other parent to modify the custodial time. Do not bring your little child to a rock concert or adult movie that would not be interesting for him. Quality time means that you should do activities enjoyable and useful for your child. Also, bringing your new girlfriend or boyfriend and spending time with him/her during your custodian time might be not a good idea as well, especially when the father and mother just got separated. Your child used to be in mom-dad environment and breaking the family on top of introducing a new relationship right away might create your child’s desire to avoid you. Introducing your new relationship would be appropriate 6-8 months after the separation.

The fifth advice HOW TO WIN CUSTODY BATTLE is extremely important – Do not do something that could be interpreted as sexually inappropriate. For example, being naked around your child, sleep in the same bed, taking bath together. Even though you do not have any bad intent, if your child will tell it to the other parent, she/he would drag you to the court twisting all information. Even if you would be able to show the court that nothing bad was intended, you need to go through the hassle of litigation, time wasted, and expenses.

The next advice HOW TO WIN CUSTODY BATTLE might seem obvious, but some parents do not have the proper self-control to follow this advice. All children have a difficult moment and they would misbehave from time to time driving a parent crazy. Be sure to completely avoid a corporate punishment – hitting your children while you are in anger would not do any for you. I addition, keep in mind that emotional abuse, especially repeatedly continuing emotional abuse would be a serious ground for losing your child custody battle in court. Do not interpret this advice that you should not discipline your child for misbehaviors. It is your responsibility to raise your child in a proper manner and the proper punishment would be a part of the process. Be sure to do the right things in the right time that would be beneficial for our child.

Lastly, a big contribution to HOW TO WIN CUSTODY BATTLE is to keep your record clear. If you are having tickets for speeding, getting fired from a new job each second week, and getting arrested for improper behavior in the public or illegal drug possession, you are on the way to lose the custody battle. The judge must decide who gets custody based on “the best interests of the child”. The Health and safety of the child is the first priority. Establish yourself as a good character and it would be beneficial for your relationship with the children and makes the other parent feels comfortable providing custodial time for you. Never tell bad things about the other parent in the presence of your children. Be respectful to another parent and you will create an opportunity to avoid the custody battle in the first place amicably solving any arising problems.

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