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Orange County family law attorney- Advice for Divorce

If you were to ask an experienced Orange County family law attorney for the most important piece of advice for your divorce, you would probably hear the same thing repeatedly. Some of the top advice you would here include:

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Orange County Family Law Attorney

Be Prepared

In family law, there are so many cases to be handled in so little time. As a result, the judges are always overworked. Judges, therefore, love to work with a litigant or his/her  Orange County family law attorney who is prepared. A prepared attorney goes into a trial with everything in place thereby ensuring the proceedings flow smoothly within the set timeline. The result is that well-prepared attorneys and litigants save a lot of time and simplify the work of judges.

If you are self-represented litigant, be sure you know Orange County Family Law Fees Schedule.

An Orange County family law attorney who is not well prepared, on the other hand, tends to waste time on issues, lose focus and may cause delays as the trial may need to be adjourned.

Developed an Appropriate Style

Life in the courtroom quite often imitates art, with attorneys bringing varied techniques into the hearing. It is advisable to try out new techniques, but you or your attorney must ensure they are used on important issues. This, however, does not mean your attorney adopt a technique used by another Orange County family law attorney. You must stay creative and original.

The courtroom in most cases is tense and the stress levels are always high. Judges love an Orange County family law attorney who strives to minimize this stress level. The best way to do this is to treat the witnesses with courtesy. For instance, instead of dispensing pain, an attorney can use humor to unmask a lie from a witness. A courteous Orange County family law attorney or self-represented litigant should transfer a positive atmosphere to a case.

Maintain a Helpful Attitude

Approaching others with a helpful attitude is much more likely to bring you success. Both the litigant and the attorneys go through different experiences before getting to the courtroom. Some of these experiences can be stressful and frustrating. An experienced Orange County family law attorney should not allow feelings to take over them as that will not be helpful in the courtroom. Always remember that it is beneficial to approach the court with a positive and helpful attitude. A good attitude is more likely to set the stage for positive results.

Most litigants have a feeling of hurt and betrayal. These feelings come about, for instance, during a painful dissolution process. These people look for every opportunity during the proceedings to express their feelings and transfer the pain to the other party. This is usually an ill-informed move that has a negative effect on your case. A better approach is to make the judge your intended audience as they are the ones to make the decision.

Who is the Judge?

In most cases, the person on the bench is always referred to as a judge. However, in a family law court, the person in charge may be a judge, a commissioner or a judge pro tempore (an attorney authorized to serve as a judge for that day).

Whether it is a judge, a commissioner or a judge pro tempore, the title for the person in charge shouldn’t matter much but their qualities should. It is always difficult for courts to provide enough judges to handle the family law cases before the court. To cater to the growing number of family cases courts have decided to appoint qualified Orange County family law attorneys to serve as commissioners and judges pro tempore.

Know your Judge

In a family court proceeding, the judge is your audience and it is the person you must convince in order to get a good ruling. The best way to do that is to know them well.  If you know who the judge will be, spend more time to learn more about their preference. Your Orange County family law attorney should go the extra mile and try to understand the best way to convince the judge.

There are many reasons why knowing your judge before the court proceedings can be important. For instance, some judges like introductory statements while others may find them annoying because they may have already reviewed the trial briefs. Also, some judges detest certain styles like bullying so knowing your judge will keep you from such styles and improve your chances for a positive ruling.

An Orange County family law attorney can learn about a judge’s preference by asking other lawyers, through observation or reading the judge’s profiles. Self-represented litigants, on the other hand, can take time and sit in the courtroom to get an idea of the Judge’s expectation of litigants at a hearing.


When filing for a divorce in California the advice above should help you. Always prepare for the case in advance and come up with appropriate unique styles to try to convince the judge. To do that, you must always have a helpful attitude throughout the case. Finally, strive to know all about your Judge because they are the audience that you will try to convince.

Lastly, if there is a possibility to settle your divorce and make it uncontested – it would be a cost-efficient and less stressful option.

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