Divorcing Narcissist Husband

Divorcing Narcissist Husband – Top Tips  Divorcing Narcissist Husband divorcing narcissist husband Divorcing Narcissist Husband Divorcing Narcissist Husband

Divorcing narcissist husband can be a traumatizing experience. Narcissists are extremely sensitive and react with anger every time they don’t get their way.

Now imagine divorcing such kind of a person against their will. You don’t expect that to go down smoothly, do you? It’s expected to be chaotic and that’s why you need to be ready by knowing what to expect and what to do in such circumstances. Below is what you ought to know about divorcing narcissist husband.

Determine which kind of Narcissist is your Husband?

Divorcing Narcissist Husband divorcing narcissist husband Divorcing Narcissist Husband Divorcing Narcissist Husband2
3D illustration of a magnifying glass over a paper bakground with focus on the word me. Concept of egocentrism

While all narcissists are malevolent, there are usually two different types of narcissism. These are Vulnerable and Grandiose Narcissists. Vulnerable narcissists have self-esteem issues but outwardly they come out as very confident people.

Grandiose narcissists, on the other hand, have high confidence levels and are egoists who think they are better than everyone else. Most Grandiose narcissists achieve high status in the community and they always strive to portray a pretentious image.

The important thing is to determine that you are dealing with a narcissist in order to best deal with the divorce. When divorcing narcissist husband many things are always at stake including the children and the finances.

Understand that the Divorcing Narcissist Husband won’t be easy 

Divorcing narcissist husband cannot end well. One grave mistake you can do is trying to end the relationship amicably. Most of the times this won’t turn out well because a narcissist will always take advantage of your kindness.

The best way to go about it is to get legal help from a professional. A good lawyer should make things easier for you.

Divorcing Narcissist Husband might result in domestic violence and child abuse

There is a likelihood of domestic violence or child abuse once the husband learns you have filed for divorce. It is, therefore, important to protect yourself and your children during the divorce filling.

There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself and children in case you suspect your narcissist husband will be violent.

The first thing you should do is to check if you can apply for a domestic violence restraining order. You always have a right for a restraining order even when the violence happened way before you filed for divorce. So be sure to check your chances.

If the husband is not violent but you suspect he may become violent you may decide to move from the residence temporarily just before you file for divorce. While this is a great way to protect yourself from domestic violence it’s a hard choice especially when you have to leave your kids behind.

Hire an exceptional divorce lawyer who understands narcissists

When divorcing narcissist husband it’s advisable to hire a lawyer who can deal with a bully and someone who loves drama. So don’t just go for any lawyer you come across. A lawyer who has experience dealing with narcissists strategically and should be your best bet, especially if she knows how to lead your spouse toward an uncontested divorce path.

An experienced lawyer should be able to protect you from the narcissist while ensuring you get your rights. The lawyer should also be versed in the right strategies to keep the divorce proceedings moving in the right timeline.

Divorcing Narcissist Husband – Keep records carefully

Always keep your records as you may need them as evidence during the divorce proceedings. Narcissists always lie, to them lying is never a problem. They will tell you something now and change it later to suit them.

It’s essential to keep records of everything from emails, texts to audio recordings. These records can be used by your attorney as evidence in a court of law to discredit any lies said by your narcissist husband.

You should also have proof of any of their aggressive behavior or abuse. Keep this evidence from them and protect it well lest he deletes them. Meanwhile, keep away from indulging him as he can easily edit your text and emails and use them to implicate you.

Take good care of yourself

Divorce is a difficult moment that can take a major toll on you. It’s even worse when Divorcing Narcissist Husband. So spare some time to take care of yourself if you want to get through the divorce well. Do some yoga, get some good night’s sleep, exercise, meditate and do the things you love because a narcissist can make you feel negative about yourself.

Taking time for yourself will help you appreciate yourself and learn to ignore the narcissist’s words and understand that whatever bad they say is just noise. This will also make your problems manageable.

Divorcing narcissist husband is never a walk in the park. It’s always going to be messy especially if you are not prepared and you don’t know your rights. With some tips above, however, the experience should be manageable and end with you taking proper action.

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